Teaching approach

Hyphen designs training sessions adapted to your context. Our courses emphasize on the principle of the statistical approach and increase the self-sufficiency in the use and the interpretation of the classical  methods.

The Hyphen team relies on the experience gained in the training field to offer a suitable teaching material:

  • interactive modules
  • results intepretation oriented
  • application on real data

Statistical notions raised during training course are presented through varied practical exercices or operational case studies.

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Based on your needs, courses are organized inside the company or outside it.

Training sessions are designed to get a better undestanding and a better use of statistical tools.

Our experience of research in life science and early stage of drug development provides a knowledge on specific problems encountered by the pharmaceutical industry.

We encourage you to contact us to build a training session which one best suits your needs.

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Some example of courses

  • Statistical analysis of long-term stability data
  • How to identify Out-Of-Trend (OOT) results in stability and at release
  • Design of Experiment (DoE) in the Quality by Design (QbD) – ICH Q8 approach
  • Statistival analysis and interpretation of dissolution tests results
  • Statistival analysis and interpretation of analytical method validation
  • Design and analysis of results from analytical method transfer
  • Equivalence approach for bioassay analysis
  • Use of ROC curves to define diagnosis criteria
  • Statistical tools in production (Statistical Process Control/SPC)
  • Statistical tools for laboratory


Bring objectivity in decision making


Quantify assumptions


Explore new scientific assumptions


Speed-up data processing