Software development

solutionHyphen develops custom and validated software solutions. Applications are fully integrated in your operating procedures and processes. They ensure an easy data processing and allow a self-sufficiency in the results delivrey.

Développement de logiciels

Project support

Our knowledge of statistical tools for data processing and software development technologies helps you define application needs. Hyphen supportsyou through the project life cycle.

Développement de logiciels qualité

Quality – Validation/tests

Hyphen team offers his experience in computerized system validation. A  L’équipe d’Hyphen met à votre service son expérience pour valider les systèmes informatisés. We develop a validation dossier which suits your company  specifications.

Développement de logiciels réalisation


Hyphen has established expertise in SAS and R statistical program languages, and JAVA development language.

The mutli-functional team offers solutions fully integrated to your processes.

Développement de logiciels suivi


To ensure your solutions meet your expectations, Hyphen Pour assurer l’évolution de vos solutions, Hyphen provides corrective and evolutions maintenance.